Cotton Club presents a new concept of care and the new Scandinavian cosmetic brand OLEA. Inspired by the useful properties of different plants, OLEA creates its mono-lines. Each mono-line product provides selective care for skin and hair.



The Juicy Berries series is created for those who are tired of gray everyday life and want to pamper themselves. It has fragrant and tasty textures, juicy design, convenient packaging and pleasant prices, so that everyone can extend their summer for a long, long time. The bright aroma of forest berries energizes, refreshes and gives strength to struggle with daily stress, and the useful extracts and vitamins A, E, F, PP, which are extract components, moisturize and nourish the skin.

Oat Silk

The main feature of the new Oat Silk line is Finnish oatmeal colloidal flour, a flour of fine grinding from whole grains of oats, including bran, with a high content of beta-glucan. Oat beta-glucan is a natural polysaccharide that accelerates skin regeneration, has antibacterial properties, enhances the synthesis of natural collagen, nourishes hair follicles and quickly recomposes keratin scales. Colloidal oat flour is a universal active product which perfectly cares for both the body and the hair.

The composition additionally includes vitamins F and PP, as well as jojoba oil to enhance the softening and nutritional effects. A-E-F vitamin complex and soybean oil for giving a natural radiance. Apricot bones, jojoba oil and vitamins renew and nourish the skin.