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SUN AND MOON GENTLE TOUCH Disposable baby diapers-panties 6 / XXL 16-25 kg jambo-pack 37pcs

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The children's brand “The Sun and the Moon” presents to mothers an innovative product - diapers “The Sun and the Moon. Soft touch". Diapers are made according to Japanese technology and incorporate all the best. The anatomical shape of the diaper does not hamper the child’s movements, and a wide stretchable elastic makes the fit ideal and protects against leaks, which is especially appreciated by parents of active babies. The textured inner layer provides a point contact of the material with the skin, which allows air to circulate inside the diaper, reducing the risk of irritation and leaving delicate skin dry and healthy. Soft as cotton materials make diapers pleasant to the touch, which is noted by all mothers who have already tested the new product. In the diapers "The Sun and the Moon" everything is taken into account to the last detail. Benefits: A wide elastic on the back perfectly captures the diaper. · Air cells on the inner surface of the diaper point in contact with the skin, providing higher breathability. · The anatomical shape of the diaper provides comfort even with active movement. · Double soft rubber bands at the legs reliably protect against leaks. · Instant distribution of moisture over the entire surface leaves the baby's skin dry and healthy.