AURA means hygienic and cosmetic products for the whole family, which has become a symbol of affordable prices combined with high quality and attractive appearance of the products.



product line is designed specifically for women, AURA Young - for modern girls of today. The main feature of the brand is fashionable and feminine.

The AURA Family line of hygiene products is developed for the whole family, including children from 3 years old

The AURA Family wet wipes, AURA Comfort wet toilet wipes and AURA Nice! meet all the requirements of the modern family: big pack for home use, travel pack - for travel and trips outside the city, antibacterial properties to ensure the safety of all family members.


The Aura Antibacterial – is the leader in the market of antibacterial protection and the choice of millions of consumers.

The series includes wet wipes with multi-colored palms, which became a symbol of the Antibacterial category, sanitizers, which instantly destroy all known bacteria, liquid soap. The entire line is a directed action in the fight against germs without harm to natural barrier functions. It is suitable for all family members.