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LURE!: charming aromas in the collection of shower gels, liquid soaps and creams.The name of the brand means to tempt, seduce, attract. Every drop of LURE! skin care products contains seductive freshness, attractive force of coffee, fruit and chocolate aromas.

We have developed a new cosmetic brand LURE! especially for those gourmets, for whom skin care is a daily way to pamper themselves. And, most importantly, for reasonable money.


The cosmetic brand Lure Men Code is a prompt and competitive response to the growing need of the male audience in body and hair care in the economy market segment. The new brand offers products in growing categories of men's care and is an excellent combination of fashionable design, manly fragrances and ergonomic packaging.

The basic line consists of 6 products: antidandruff shampoo, hair strengthening shampoo, two shower gels and two shampoo-gels 2-in-1. Products are distinguished by European design, fresh bright aromas, as well as a special composition without parabens with an active A-E-F vitamin complex. Another group of products, an actively growing category of shampoos-gels 2-in-1 in convenient tubes, was created for those who appreciate the universality and the ability to solve all issues with a single means. Shampoo-gel is convenient to use wherever you are.  

Lure men Code was created specifically for men!



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