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Cotton Club Group is a leading manufacturer of cotton wool, cosmetics and household products. The Company sells its products throughout the Russian Federation, the CIS, and also in other over 20 countries of the world. Over the years, Cotton Club has demonstrated impressive growth and achieves its operational and financial performance targets.  

According to Nielsen, the Cotton Club Group is the undisputed leader in the market for cotton wool and wet wipes, accounting for 62% and 40% of the market share, respectively. The Company managed to achieve such success not only thanks to affordable price, but also by the quality of our products, being highly competitive with products of well-known world’s leading brands. The Cotton Club closely follows the world trends and innovations in the production of cosmetics and hygiene products. Thanks to cooperation with leading producers of raw materials, our own R&D laboratory develops unique means for body and hair care, the quality of which is confirmed by European GMP and ISO 9001 (GOST ISO 9001-2011) certificates.

For 17 years of existence in the market, Cotton Club has established itself as a reliable partner and leader in the category of cotton wool and personal-care products. The quality of the Cotton Club products is trusted by the largest retail and pharmacy chains such as Auchan, Metro, Lenta, Azbuka Vkusa, X5 Retail Group, OBI, 36.6, A5, as well as Wildberries and Utkonos online stores.

Following the current market trends, Cotton Club actively develops the Private Label area. Today, the Company’s portfolio consists of more than 70 private label manufacturing contracts for retail and pharmacy chains.

The development strategy of Cotton Club provides for continued investment in innovative projects and increased market representation.

The company has its own industrial warehouse facility (IWF) located in Balashikha district of Moscow region, with a total area of more than 47,000 m², which together with the unique technologies for storing in the distribution center with an increased capacity make the supply of finished products match the needs of customers.

A key competitive advantage of the Cotton Club Group is its vertically integrated production, which makes it possible to fully control the production process. That, in turn, provides for a quick response to market changes, ensuring a dual control - in the production of semi-finished products (sliver, sticks, lotions, non-woven material) and in the production of finished products.



Cotton Club holds patents for unique inventions in the area of materials and equipment. The company has developed and has been successfully using such patented blended, composite nonwoven materials as:

  • Icore – unique multi-layer composite absorbent for use in the hygiene industry.
  • Iproof – lightweight non-woven fabric that distributes the superabsorbent throughout the entire volume thanks to its unique porous structure.



Also, specifically for the needs of the Company, engineers of the Cotton Club Group has developed 3DwaveIron, a unit of equipment designed to impart certain properties to the fabric (smoothness, additional tensile strength), and Doublecore, a dual absorbent layer forming unit which is installed on the diaper production line. 
Among the partners of the Company are the top manufacturers of equipment and materials: Ramina, Toyo, Andritz, Lenzing, Sibur, Toray, Marzoli, etc


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