Brand "YA SAMAYA" has updated the logo and presents presents new line of cosmetics for cleansing the face skin

Cotton club company has been producing cotton products under the brand "YA SAMAYA"for more than 17 years. During this period, the brand has won a leading position in the market of cotton products (cotton buds and pads), and has become one of the leading players in the segment of wet wipes. Brand knowledge is high-95%. Every fourth woman in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan buys products under the brand "YA SAMAYA". During this time, the brand has not changed the packaging, it has become well recognized by the consumer.

The marketing team of Cotton Club conducted a number of studies and focus groups, during which it was noted that there was a global transformation, now the woman externally wants to seem strong and at the same time be soft and sensual in the soul. If you look at the female audience in the context of different age segments, then young girls are characterized by a desire to confirm their attractiveness by an opinion fr om the outside, it is important for them to have authorities in their lives. More Mature women (35+) are aimed at finding inner harmony and balance in life. At the same time, women over 45 years old who are active, look after themselves, want to look good. Therefore, they are increasingly investing in the preservation and restoration of beauty, attend specialized seminars and trainings, wh ere they get information about the latest trends and procedures of self-care, and it requires significant financial costs.

"All these insights and our observations allowed us to make a decision to segment the target audience according to the state of mind and relations with the surrounding world, and not by age, as it was previously done. Therefore, the primary task of the updated "YA SAMAYA" - building a dialogue with each of the target groups," - said Olga Bazylyuk, Marketing Director Cotton Club.

In the course of research, it also became clear that the brand can not remain in the current color scheme, as sensuality and harmony are characterized by gentle, feminine shades. Therefore, to meet the needs of modern women, the brand changed the main color of the brand to powder pink. This color in the vast majority of women is associated with tenderness, innocence and femininity, as well as expresses love and corresponds to their energy.

The brand also received a new slogan: "YA SAMAYA – feel yourself special!»

"The brand has never had a slogan before and only the power inherent in its name allowed us to communicate with the consumer. To build a dialogue with the consumer, we have developed a communication platform, which will be based on the main website: every woman wants to be, first of all, an independent person. And what is personality? Personality is a feature and unique individuality.  Therefore, the new slogan of the brand - feel special! It is "special", because every woman, regardless of the time of day and mood – special!"- says Olga Bazylyuk.

In addition, the brand opens a new category - facial cleansing: micellar water, tonics, gels for washing and scrub.

The products are produced with several advantages for the consumer, the key of which is the active peptide complex, which stimulates the process of rejuvenation, cell renewal, improves skin elasticity and promotes the production of its own collagen.

This component is used only in high cosmetology. "I am The" first brand to offer peptides to a wide audience. Also in the micellar water and tonics offers convenience through an interesting solution in the package-pump with dispenser.

Entering a new category of facial cleansing will allow the brand to build connections between new and pre-existing and well-known consumer categories, for example, cotton pads and cleansers, wet wipes and hand creams, wipes for intimate care and gels for intimate care.